Detailed Analytics

Complete Overview of your Recruitment Marketing

CandidateHub’s detailed dashboard and reporting allow you to see in real-time what content is working and what isn’t.  

From A/B testing to custom reports, you control your Recruitment Marketing Data to be able to make more strategic decisions and validate your efforts.

Candidate Segmentation

Group potential candidates based on their behaviour to understand trends and create personalization

Candidate Journey

Identify trends in engagement to optimize your candidate journey

Results and Reporting

A complete view of your data to validate, analyze and understand your recruitment marketing campaigns

Data Powered Recruitment Marketing

All the information you need to make important strategic marketing and budgeting decisions.  

Up to-the-minute data on what content your candidates are engaging with, what campaigns are most successful and which channels are driving the best results.

Detailed customizable reports that can be viewed on your daily dashboard or emailed at a schedule of your choosing to give a full story on the impact of your marketing on talent acquisition.

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Candidate data privacy and security are a top concern for us

Data privacy is a top concern for people worldwide, and candidates are no different.

That is why candidate privacy is a top priority for CandidateHub.  Candidates remain anonymous until they choose to identify themselves to your Organization.

Hot candidates directly to your inbox

Uncover Candidates you never knew existed

Identify candidates from their first engagement, add them to you talent pipeline and nurture them until they are ready for action.  CandidateHub will automatically notify your recruiters when a candidate needs to be contacted