Personalized Candidate Experience at Scale

Nurture candidates with highly personalized content delivered to the at the right time.  

Email Marketing

Deliver single emails or sequences that fire based on actions taken by the candidate

Text Marketing

If candidates are not replying to email, simply add in a text message to increase your chances of having your message read

Custom Campaigns

Build simple to complex campaigns to nurture candidates based on the actions they take with your content

Personalized Content at scale

Create customized campaigns to nurture candidates based on the interactions they make with your content across the web.  Target them with email, social media and more to convert them up to 50% faster

Give life to your Candidate journey

The most significant complaint candidates have is applying for a job and disappearing into a black hole.  With CandidateHub’s two-way communication, you will amaze your candidates with constant communication.

The best way to give life to your candidate’s journey is to make it personal for each candidate.  With dynamic content, you can ensure that the messages your potential candidates receive are vital to them and the stage of their journey.

CandidateHub will deliver higher-quality candidates ready to join your organization today with a more targeted and personalized approach!

Hot candidates directly to your inbox

Uncover Candidates you never knew existed

Identify candidates from their first engagement, add them to you talent pipeline and nurture them until they are ready for action.  CandidateHub will automatically notify your recruiters when a candidate needs to be contacted