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Recruitment Marketing can be a daunting concept to launch.  Where do I get the content, what channels should I use, how often do I need to distribute my content?

The best advice we can tell you is, it doesn’t need to be perfect.  Just get started and your quality will naturally improve over time.  Content can be found online, shared from employees and much more.  Recruitment Marketing really is easier than you think.  

Still not sure and just want to chat about it?  Happy to, just book some time with our CEO during his open office hours.

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Frequently Asked Question

CandidateHub tracks candidate activity across multiple platforms using cookies

What you heard is true, cookies are being eliminated but those are 3rd party cookies, not 1st party cookies like CandidateHub Uses

Third-party cookies are tracking codes that are placed on a web visitor’s computer after being generated by another website other than your own. When a web visitor visits your site and others, the third-party cookie tracks this information and sends it to the third-party who created the cookie — which might be an advertiser.

You certainly don’t need to be a developer or understand coding to use CandidateHub but having some expertise around email marketing and marketing automation will help you hit the ground running.

Today effective recruitment teams are using a full stack of recruitment tech, including a CRM, ATS and lots of automation.  It is essential to have all of these components speak to each other properly.

CandidateHub can integrate with any software that has an open API, and we are adding to our partner list every day. 

CandidateHub can work with your social media accounts to monitor activity using trackable links and other tools to see what content candidates are engaging with.

CandidateHub allows you to build anything from simple email drip campaigns to complex nurture campaigns, depending on your goals and comfort level.

Each step along the campaign offers multiple paths, including decisions, conditions, or actions that will guide the candidate through the campaign based on their actions.

All of our pricing is in USD. However, we can provide pricing in the currency of your choice.

Since recruitment marketing and marketing automation are not something you can test in a couple of weeks, we typically don’t have a free trial.  Our sales team would be happy to work with you to ensure that this product is the right fit.

There is a big difference between marketing automation and CRM software, and at CandidateHub, we don’t try to be all things to all people.

CandidateHub does have some limited CRM functionality. However, if you are looking for complete CRM software, we would be happy to make some great recommendations.

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Identify candidates from their first engagement, add them to your talent pipeline and nurture them until they are ready for action.  CandidateHub will automatically notify your recruiters when a candidate needs to be contacted.