Take a Look Under the Hood!

The hiring process is outdated. As more companies enter the market, the pool of talented workers becomes harder and harder to pin down. And with every company hiring in the same manner, you need a way to stand out from the crowd from the get-go.

Using the power of the combined benefits of AI, automation, and old-fashioned human touch, CanadidateHub gives you a host of features to find, engage, and hire the best people for the job. By monitoring the engagement of candidates who are following your social media, and interacting with your posts, you can find the perfect candidate and reach out to them with an offer.

Save money, save time, and get ahead of your competition in the fight for premium talent! The CandidateHub Talent Pipeline helps you find the best candidates, gauge their fit, nurture interest in your organization, and optimize your hiring process.

Talent Pipeline

Know how close each candidate is to offer-ready by monitoring where they are on the pipeline.


Using the CandidateHub engagement score, you can easily match your candidates and current openings.


The CandidateHub platform lets you engage the best and brightest candidates and make them aware of you and your company so when they consider a career change, you’re at the top of their list.

Candidate Experience

A major complaint in the hiring process is the candidate’s experience. Lack of follow up, and not knowing where they stand can ruin the process. CandidateHub automates what can be, freeing your time to manage everything else.


Email follow-ups, filtering resumes, and monitoring engagement are all handled by the CandidateHub system, allowing you to meet with, and engage potential candidates on their terms, helping to build the relationships needed in the hiring process.

Return on Investment

By building a pipeline with better quality talent, CandidateHub lets you reduce your Time to Fill and hiring costs. Having candidates available in your pipeline when you need them, means less down time for your company, and fast tracks your on-boarding process with engaged, hire-ready applicants.