Fill Urgent Medical Staff Vacancies

Almost every hospital is in crisis, struggling to attract and hire enough medical staff. Yet, they are all sitting on hundreds of thousands of dormant candidate CVs and profiles of people capable of filling those urgent vacancies.

Candidate hub’s unique re-engagement and nurturing technology can bring those candidates back to life, saving you significant time and money and getting more life-saving jobs filled without using costly external providers.

How CandidateHub Works

Fully Integrated with your Recruitment Stack

CandidateHub centralizes candidate activity across all your recruiting platforms and channels, including your CRM, ATS and HRIS, into a single dashboard.

Our unique tracking and nurturing technology optimizes your databases by letting you know which candidates are ready to be engaged and hired in real-time.

Transform your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Our revolutionary software will capture candidate engagement and predict when a candidate is ready to be hired.

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Reduction in time to hire
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More Hires Per Recruiter

Candidate Sourcing

Easily populate pipelines from your existing ATS, recruitment marketing and direct sourcing from social media, job boards, CV databases

Group Candidates

Automate smart, simple candidate segmentation and dynamically send tailored personalised content

Employer of Choice

Get first access to candidates by providing highly personalized candidates experiences

Conversion Optimization

Identify potential candidates who are engaging with your career site and other digital content

Candidate Scoring

Predict which candidates are ready to be contacted by a recruiter based on the actions they take

Results and Reporting

Measure and optimize the impact of all your talent pipeline and Recruitment Marketing activity with end-to-end ROI reporting

Your success is our #1 priority

Recruit Faster with CandidateHub

Candidate Tracking

Identify which candidates are most engaged with your company’s online content and predict in real-time which ones are ready to be contacted by your recruitment team.


Detailed Analytics

Identify which marketing channels are working best, which pipelines have the most activity, and what content candidates are enganging with the most.   Reports can be viewed on your dashboard or emailed to the team. 


Retarget candidates who are browsing your content but not applying through email, on-site engagement or social media to optimize application completion rates.

Hot candidates directly to your inbox

Uncover Candidates you never knew existed

Identify candidates from their first engagement, add them to you talent pipeline and nurture them until they are ready for action.  CandidateHub will automatically notify your recruiters when a candidate needs to be contacted


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