Put more time into what you do best!

The hiring process is outdated. The challenge of finding good candidates that successfully complete your onboarding process is growing, as are the costs of using traditional job-posting channels. The old way of hiring doesn’t make your organization any more appealing to potential candidates than the other guys – you need to stand out to top talent just as much as top talent needs to stand out to you.

CandidateHub combines the power of AI, Automation and Human Interaction into an extremely robust platform – turning your hiring process into a Candidate Pipeline. Think about it: why approach recruitment as a “one and done” activity? Instead of posting and filling jobs as they’re needed, a Candidate Pipeline nurtures the relationship applicants have with your organization before any hiring decision is made.

You can assess a potential hire’s “fit” with your organization through their interaction with your brand content across multiple channels on CandidateHub. The Talent Pipeline software is designed to provide you with higher quality applicants, reduce your time to fill and cost per hire, and build an engaged community of interested candidates that can either fill the role you’re hiring for now, or future roles they’re qualified for.

The platform uses personalized email marketing, SMS communication, social monitoring, web traffic, and landing pages – to aid in each applicant’s journey to employment with you.

Personalized Email Marketing

SMS Communication

Social Monitoring

Web Traffic

Landing Pages

Get the most out of every unique applicant and inspire them to connect with your organization and become part of the team, without running the risk of turning away top talent with a complicated and exhausting application process.

The Old Way

The CandidateHub Way


Always be two steps ahead in the recruitment process and attract better quality candidates.


Our platform allows recruiters to focus on what they do best, which reduces time to fill.


Keeping candidates in the know at each step of the process provides a much higher retention rate.


Our automation software and scoring system not only saves you time, but also reduces your overall cost per hire.