Let's face it, there are a million podcasts out there, so which one do you listen to? Well, we made a list of our favourites to give you a hand in choosing

The Chad and Cheese Show

Bringing more than 40 years of combined experience to the podcast industry, Chad & Cheese add a unique perspective and brash flavor to the generally bland stew of hum-drum “yes-yes” and ass-kiss rhetoric that you normally get from people in recruitment.


Chad & Cheese is explicit. Meaning they say exactly what’s on their minds. And without a filter.  In short, Chad & Cheese are ultra plugged in and know their shit. Now, you can, too.

Disrupting Recruitment

On Disrupting Recruitment, our goal is to educate recruiters, recruitment marketers, employer branding specialists and much more on new emerging trends in recruitment. We focus on content development, strategies, dark funnels and advice from leading experts around the world. Our aim to is move recruitment from a constant reactive state to a proactive engine.

The Recruitment Flex

The Recruitment Flex is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest recruitment
trends. Serge and Shelley have over 40 years combined experience in recruiting,
so they are more than qualified to share their insights with you through this
informative show. They discuss everything from industry news and helpful tips
for both recruiters and job seekers – all while interviewing some of the most
well known names in business today! Tune into Recruiting Insights by Serge &
Shelley if you want your knowledge about hiring practices sharpened right now

The Content Recruiter

The experience of transitioning from a recruiter that works in a reactive state, constantly pushing out cold outbound messages to one that leads with content can feel daunting.

We share our experiences and show why it’s worth the effort. For you, your business, and the people that are making life-changing decisions – candidates.

Hosted by Nate Guggia & Nathan Jefferson.

Recruiting Brainfood

The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast: Your weekly 60 minute dose of brilliant conversation about Recruiting & HR

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