Comprehensive Tracking

Capture candidate engagement

CandidateHub captures each click, pause or interaction a candidate makes with your content from your career site to social content

Contact Management

Comprehensive profiles on each candidate that grows with each candidate interaction

Wesite Tracking

Identify each click a candidate makes across your webiste and career site

Trackable Links

Track which content candidates are downloading and engaging with outside of your website

Understand what content candidates engage with

Each time a potential candidate interacts with your content, CandidateHub builds a richer profile.  

CandidateHub tracks each click a candidate makes across your career site, social media and more.  Custom trackable links allow you to track content on any channel.

CandidateHub not only tracks what sites candidates are visiting but what they engage with while on that page, such as clicking buttons or watching videos.

Brunette business woman

Candidate data privacy and security are a top concern for us

Data privacy is a top concern for people worldwide, and candidates are no different.

That is why candidate privacy is a top priority for CandidateHub.  Candidates remain anonymous until they choose to identify themselves to your Organization.

Hot candidates directly to your inbox

Uncover Candidates you never knew existed

Identify candidates from their first engagement, add them to you talent pipeline and nurture them until they are ready for action.  CandidateHub will automatically notify your recruiters when a candidate needs to be contacted