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A Platform for Attracting, Retaining and Re-Engaging Talent.

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Candidate Tracking & Scoring

Track candidate engagement across your entire company digital footprint and score actions based on intent

Candidate engagement

Track candidate interactions so you can engage with candidates who show the most interest in your business

Candidate experience

Track engagement for all content so you know which messages interest your candidates most

Campaign builder

Build automated recruitment marketing campaigns, hyper-personalized and at scale

Automated actions

Free up your recruiters’ time with automated recruitment campaigns and automatic recruiter notifications

Pipeline management

Filter candidates based on a real-time engagement scores so you know who is cold, warm and hire-ready

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Candidate data privacy and security are a top concern for us

Data privacy is a top concern for people worldwide, and candidates are no different.

That is why candidate privacy is a top priority for CandidateHub.  Candidates remain anonymous until they choose to identify themselves to your Organization.

Give life to your Candidate journey

The most significant complaint candidates have is applying for a job and disappearing into a black hole.  With CandidateHub’s two-way communication, you will amaze your candidates with constant communication.

The best way to give life to your candidate’s journey is to make it personal for each candidate.  With dynamic content, you can ensure that the messages your potential candidates receive are vital to them and the stage of their journey.

CandidateHub will deliver higher-quality candidates ready to join your organization today with a more targeted and personalized approach!

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CandidateHub analyzes behaviour and predicts intent

Each time a potential candidate interacts with your content, CandidateHub builds a richer profile, allowing highly personalized campaigns and communication.  CandidateHub’s omnichannel approach ensures that you don’t miss a candidate interaction.

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Identify candidates from their first engagement, add them to your talent pipeline and nurture them until they are ready for action.  CandidateHub will automatically notify your recruiters when a candidate needs to be contacted.